Daily Bread

Daily Bread

Men, a few weeks ago I felt God speak to me about reading His word the bible, no that’s not a joke…

Time passes so quickly, we are taken up with this and that even reading great books, but they don’t substitute for the bible – God’s Word.  We know He speaks through many a thing and we enjoy that, but somehow His word had taken a back seat in my life for sometime. Now if you’re like me and you’re thinking I’m no in depth student, that’s ok…

I had been introduced to the daily audio bible maybe 10 years ago and had forgotten about it.  So sometimes now, I ask Jesus what do You want me to read today or as I drive to work I listen to it being read. Can I introduce and recommend DAB, read and commentary by Brian Hardin… And here’s a great song that reminds me His word isn’t just a book… Enjoy

Daily Bread by Strahan



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