When Life Feels Boring…

When Life Feels Boring…

Hi folks, below I have attached a Storyline blog because it caught my attention and nicely put into words some of my own experiences and feelings.

Personally I have taken risks, got my card punched and while none of my experiences are lost or wasted, I am disappointed and wonder if I had just either taken advice or chosen differently how things may be different today.  But I cannot say that or stay in that mindset for God is sovereign and has had it all in His hand all along, so I can value my past experiences and look forward with full trust in Him as well…

Through waiting and resting we are restored and grow…



When Life Feels Boring, Here’s What Might Be Happening (by Andrea Lucado)

Callings go through seasons.

Sometimes you’re in an exciting season in your calling. You know what you want to do, you’re pursuing your dreams and you’re achieving success.

Sometimes you’re in a disappointing season.

You took a risk, things didn’t work out and you feel like you’ve failed.

And then sometimes, or a lot of the time, you’re in a *blah* season—a time when you’re not unhappy with your job or current circumstances, but you’re not thrilled either. You’re pretty sure there’s something else out there for you, but you don’t know what it is, and you don’t know when it will be clear.

During these times, it is tempting to get restless and go look for something exciting to do. But let me challenge you here for a minute to not do that just yet.

Instead, stay where you are and wait.

I know, this is a lesson we don’t hear often these days, and it could be that it is time for you to move on. But it could be that more is happening in your heart, mind, passions and skills in this “blah” season than you realize, and in order to fully reap the benefits, it’s important for you to just sit still.

A mentor of mine calls this waiting season a time to “let the land lie fallow”—an agricultural term that basically means a year or season when you plant and grow nothing.

You let the land rest.

In the Mosaic law, the Israelites were told to plant and harvest for six years, “But in the seventh year, the land is to have a year of Sabbath rest, a Sabbath to the Lord.

Do not sow your fields or prune your vineyards” (Leviticus 25:4).

Can you imagine?

An entire year of Sabbath. It looks and feels boring, but in the soil a lot is happening that will benefit the farmer and the crops for next year. When the land lies fallow, the soil can regenerate. Its nutrients are restored and replenished, and the next year, after some rest, it is ready to produce.

There were many spiritual reasons God commanded this of his people. Here are a few mentioned in Matthew Henry’s commentary:

  1. To remind them of their dependence on God and to use the fruit of their land to his glory.
  2. With a year off from business, they had more time to get to know God’s law.
  3. “They were reminded of the easy life man lived in paradise, when he ate of every good thing…. Labor and toil came in with sin.”
  4. “This year of rest typified the spiritual rest which all believers enter into through Christ…. Through him we are eased of the burden of worldly care and labor…and we are enabled and encouraged to live by faith.”

I love that last reason.

Sometimes in the pursuit of dreams, in all of the hustling and trying and striving, we forget that it’s not all up to us. 

Our dreams and successes aren’t what define us.

We forget where our true worth lies, in Christ and Christ alone. We forget to rest in that truth and sometimes when there is no clear direction for what’s next and we’re growing anxious, we just need to rest.

Then, next year, we may be ready for harvest.


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  1. Some things that we go through, we don’t like and we pray that the Lord will “save me” from them. But hold on, think of Jesus on that night he was betrayed when He was in garden praying about what was about to happen to Him, He could have chose to abort His Father’s plan with a “save me” prayer but He chose a “let this glorified you Father” prayer.
    Look what happen to Him because of choice of prayer, He experience the resurrection power.
    There are situations and circumstances we face in life and we pray a “save me” from this prayer but what would have happen if we have prayed a “let this glorified you Father” prayer, a resurrection of one’s life.
    On the night that Jesus was about to be betrayed, His disciples looking on thought this is end, no hope, finish, the end of the road for them, but in the spiritual with the prayer of Jesus that His Father would be glorified was an opening for a spectacular show of the power, resurrection power.
    There are things going on in the spiritual we don’t see but if we can rest in the knowledge of a prayer, “let this situation or circumstance bring you glory Father”, what a spectacular power will be release on our behalf.
    You Father is aware of your seasons and He is dealing with you as if there is nobody else in the whole world but you. Allow Him to give glory and received from your life. Davy.


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