Orphan-spirit v Sonship

Orphan-spirit v Sonship

The Father is really challenging me on this at the minute.  What does it really mean to be a son of the Father and to live out of that place of sonship?  My belief in the past has always been to strive.  To try.  To work harder.  To serve longer.  To be ‘more committed’.  As long as I had ‘rules’, then I could measure how well I was doing as a son.  The more I performed, the more I was loved and accepted.  But here’s the issue with that way of thinking.  If I felt tired and couldn’t ‘perform’, then does that threaten my position as a son??  This was the biggest lie I had believed.

My acceptance as a son of the Father can’t be earned.  If it could, then that makes a mockery of the cross.

I’m currently reading James Jordan’s book, ‘The Ancient Road Re-Discovered’.  In it, he discusses this idea of living from an ‘orphan spirit’.  The minute I read this, I knew exactly that this was how I had been living.

To quote James,

“In our orphanness, we always want to have rules and defined ways of behaving.  We want to know what we can do and cannot do.  Orphan spirited Christianity is always focused on where the limits are, what I am allowed to do and not allowed to do.  God doesn’t actually want us to do that.  He wants to set you free.”

I’m beginning to really experience the true love of the Father and I’ve been awakened to the truth that He longs to have a relationship with me that is completely unique to my personality and individuality.  So I can give myself permission to head out for a few hours and shoot some landscapes and just rest with Him.  I can go for a run in the forest and know He’s with me.  I can head out to dinner with my wife and know He goes before us.  And I can rest in this.

No more performing for me.  I’m choosing to simply rest in Him and allow Him to be my Father.

Thanks Papa, I’m glad that I’m Your son.



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  1. The truth shall set you free…

    Jesus is the way, the truth and the life…


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