Do You Need A Journal?

Do You Need A Journal?

How quickly we forget His promises. What’s that all about? I’m glad I practice ‘journaling’. Not everyday. But as much as I can.

I struggle a little bit with structure. Daily reading plans never really ‘fitted’ with me. I lived under the condemnation of this for years. I was ok when I ticked all the boxes and made sure I never missed a day. But whenever I discovered that I was actually 3 days behind in the plan, then it all fell apart. Do I jump back in at today’s date or do I try and do 3 days worth of readings back to back to make sure I caught up? (Surely that got me extra grace points, right??)

Seriously. Where’s the life in that?

Yes of course, discipline is good. Daily readings are good. But only when they offer LIFE. For me, they offered condemnation.

As soon as I discovered the heart of the Father, things changed. I realised that I could live each day as an adventure with Jesus. He could show me what He wanted me to read. He could speak to me through the little heart shaped water droplet He ‘left’ on the bench for me. He could sink a scripture deep into my spirit, and when I went to look it up, it was exactly what I needed to read.

And the point of journaling? Well, I forget easily. Journaling helps me remember how and when the Father speaks. I can look back over the year and see, time after time, how He came through for me.

Go on, give it a try.


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