On Reflection

On Reflection

On Reflection – To the guys who call themselves ‘Men Pursuing God’.

I would like to express my appreciation of you guys for the past year. I thank God for each and everyone of you. You are a rare breed of men, gifted and wonderfully created, image bearers of your Father.

I  thank you for the time we have spent together, the walks, the weekends away, the coffees and not to mention the breakfasts. But most of all the fellowship, the comradeship of a band of brothers whose core aim is to become men of God, men that God created you to be. My life has changed more than you realized and more than I thought possible. I know now without a shadow of doubt this has been orchestrated by a hand bigger than us. It happened just at the right time for me and you guys had to play your part in this story of my life.

I thank you for allowing me to reveal and allowing me to unveil myself without the fear of rejection or receiving judgement from you, you showed me the true meaning of grace. Thank you for fighting for me and standing by me even when I doubted myself, thank you for your encouragement and prayers, thank you for allowing me to be to part of what my lifelong heart’s desire is, and that is to have a group of Godly men that I can call brothers, who I can trust and who have got my back covered when needed.

I love you guys and I love Jesus for showing me how much a down to earth guy He is even though He is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. I wish you all and your families a God filled Christmas and that His plans and purposes for you shall come to pass in the days ahead.


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