A Man Pursuing God

A Man Pursuing God

It’s raining and the dog’s looking for a walk.  And you know, he won’t settle down until he gets his walk.

I put my coat and hat on, get the lead and the wife insists the dog needs his coat on too.  Fifteen minutes later and I’m on my way with the dog and he’s so excited, he’s nearly pulling me off my feet.

A walk along the river.  A narrow path.  The dog’s off the lead and doing what dogs do.  Rain drops falling on the river, winter has finally knocked all the leaves off the trees and they are laying dead and wet, and I’m getting wet too by the minute.  Most people will say, “That’s one miserable day Davy.”  But actually I wasn’t feeling that way.  After twenty minutes into the walk I wondered why.

I wasn’t alone.  Yes I know the dog was with me and I wasn’t on my own, but what I mean is, I was walking with my Father and He was talking to me about my heart.  He reminded me of what He has been doing about my heart and the places in there that have been hidden from the world and even long forgotten by me. But I had given Him permission two years ago to go anywhere in my heart and oh boy, He’s opened up what looks like a whole can of worms.  His reasons for doing so was not in anyway to condemn me but to heal my broken heart and to set me free from the bondage of the past.  I am in no way completely free but I am not where I used to be.

Back to the walk.  Why was I not miserable on this wet and grey day?  He told me that my heart is changing because of what I allow Him to do.  Actually, I felt my heart glowing inside of me, and what was going on around me was not affecting what was going on in my heart.  Healing, restoring, making me whole again and being the person my Father created me to be.

This is probably the first time that I have become aware of the change in my heart in two years but I’m so glad that I stayed with it.

This is me.  A man pursuing God.



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